PCCA Parents,

There is no better way to say it than “our school has been blessed!”  God has blessed us tremendously during the first half of the school year with amazing staff and students.  Mrs. Murray has been a Godsend as she came to us with much experience in combining grades for a Christian school.  Some parents may not know, but she teaches 2 1/2 hours each day and also takes on the full load of being our administrator.  Mrs. Sullivan has been amazing as our new Office Manager.  She does a GREAT job handling the two jobs of Financial Administrator and Receptionist that were combined at the beginning of this year.  We continually hear great things about our teachers, aides, and cleaning staff.  Their love for Christ and your children is evident.  They take an enormous pay cut to work for what our school can afford to pay.

At the board meeting Monday night, we discussed how unbelievably well the school year has gone.  Just to think, we started last year $20,000 in the hole because money had to be borrowed from pre-paid tuition to finish off the 2009-10 year.  Then a huge shortfall was overcome in May of this year as we were able to pay all the bills without using 2011-12 pre-paid tuition.

Now for this year, we have already raised $27,000 in donations and $14,000 through fundraisers!  After going through all the costs of running the school and cutting everywhere that is practical, expenses have been lower than expected.  A $5,000 cafeteria savings is being realized by having the kids bring their lunches.  We are very close to maximizing $6,000 in volunteer grants from ConocoPhillips.  Unbelievably, with projected tuition and other income less estimated expenses, we only need to raise around $5,000 more to break even this year!  But, the School Board has a goal to go further than that.  Most non-profits should have one month’s expenses in reserve, so we will start working to build a $25,000 “rainy day fund.”  After that is accomplished, our desire is to increase teacher pay and spend a little on our building.

Amazingly, we went from 93 students last year to 63 this year and are in much better financial position.  God has truly had His Hand on PCCA!  There is no other way to explain it.

However, the most awesome result is seeing your children grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord.  Thank you, parents, for the sacrifices you make to send your children here.  It is an investment that will have eternal returns.

Your PCCA School Board

Doyle Brewer, President
Ryan Kirkpatrick, Vice President
Tim Klein, Treasurer
Jeremy Whiles, Secretary
Scott Barron, Member-at-Large