Complete the student enrollment packet and return it to the PCCA office. A registration fee must accompany each application. Should acceptance into PCCA be denied, all of the fee will be returned. Include with the application a copy of the student’s birth certificate, and immunization records. ,

An interview will be scheduled with the Administrator.  The interview is held with at least one parent and the student to discuss the enrollment application.

Admission testing will be scheduled by the office. All students will be given an entrance exam to help determine placement.

A student may be accepted on a probationary basis.

The Administration and Board reserves the right to establish academic prerequisites such as summer school, tutoring and grade repetition.

The final decision for admittance is made by the Administration and the Board. The student and family will be notified as soon as possible.

A waiting list will be established when the Administration and the Board has decided that a class has reached its maximum size. Students on the list may be contacted by the school if a position in the class becomes available.

The PCCA office will request the accepted student’s cumulative records from the previous school. Records must be received prior to admission or the student will be on academic probation until they are received.