The following guidelines for admission to PCCA have been established:

  • The administration and staff are given the authority to admit or deny qualified students.
  • Approval by the Board is required for any exceptions to the following policies outlined below.

PCCA exists to provide an education that is Christ-centered. The Bible and the life of Jesus Christ set the standard for us to follow. Our mission is to support Christian families. Our privilege is to minister to many. We pray that the Christian faith is evident in all that we do. We believe the Word of God gives parents the responsibility to train children and that this school’s task is to assist parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility. Therefore, it is an admissions requirement that one parent, preferably both,PCCA_2675

  • Believe and fully support the Statement of Faith of PCCA
  • Agree to abide by the guidelines and policies stated in the handbook and all other PCCA administrative and Board policies.

No student will be admitted who has:

  • A severe emotional or disciplinary problem
  • A court record
  • A physical or learning disability that would impair the learning process or for which our programs are not staffed.

Students are expected to respond to authority with respect and a teachable spirit. Students are to conduct themselves in harmony with the principles on which PCCA has been founded.